We at Charleston Masters feel very fortunate to have these three gentlemen in our membership.  They define what we are looking for in a player and a member.  They are always respectful of the game and their opponent and they truly are THE BEST OFTHE BEST
This page is dedicated to the three individuals in each of our skill levels (AA, A, & B) that have elevated their games and out performed everyone else in their respective levels of play. Determining who these individuals are is done by system and committee. We employ an algorithm that factors the information on hand. In order for us to have a true player point average we would have to track balls made, innings, missed balls, safety errors, unforced errors and on and on. We would have to have scorekeepers and boys, we ain't doing that! The information that we do have really does a good job. We monitored the algorithm for  three sessions and are comfortable enough with it to let it guide a committee made up of team captains to a fair result. Your "Best of the Best" committee is : Wayne Byrum, Chris Lynn, Glenn Smith, Nick Smith, Tim Goolsby  and Mike Harstad.
Best of the Best

John Nolen
Mike Harstad
​One of my very favorite people to play.  Mike loves the game and plays at a very high level. You can always count on Mike for a good match and you will have a good time.  He is gonna have fun or he is out.
Jim Van Sant
One of the nicest guys in the business. Jim has fought his way back from serious health issues, kicked its butt and is now working on everyone in the room. Ain't nobody liking it! Keep up the good work Jimbo.
Smooth Stroking Johnny Nolen. Live and entertaining at Players Place every Monday evening. I swear he hits em better now than he did thirty years ago when he played good. One of the few players that is "in" no matter what and with a smile.