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Charleston Masters 9 Ball pool league was established in June of 2008. We began with four teams that were comprised of advanced amateur players. The majority of us had been playing in the Charleston and Summerville area for twenty years or more. The instructional pool leagues available had, at that point, very little to offer us. Having listened for many years to pool player's complaints, we had a good idea of the type of format and environment that the player would enjoy. While Charleston Masters 9 Ball is great for the bar, it was designed with the pool player in mind. The league member's ideas and suggestions are registered through the respective team captains. We play 9 Ball with Pro Express Rules. We enjoy a race to 9 that is governed by a set of by-laws that we have developed for our needs and they serve us well.
Our first session had four teams, was thirteen weeks long and paid out $1300.00. Now, seven years later Charleston Masters 9 Ball has twenty teams and pays out a little more than $11,000 each session We have a "Shootout" or tournament at the end of each session. We have developed a system that matches players more equally than we have seen before. The matches are even and sometimes amazing.
This website is primarily for our league's pool players to stay abreast of our events and to introduce others to our way of life. Inside you will find photos and bios of players and teams. There are standings and stats and even some stories on local "legends" that play with us as well as friends that we have lost.

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Our Creed

It will be the mission of Charleston Masters 9 Ball pool league to maintain an environment that is not only competitive but a source of inspiration to those around us. Our ultimate goal is to increase our individual levels of play, promote the game of pocket billiards and reward those of our ilk for the very best game they can bring to the table.


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