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Charleston Masters 9 Ball

​    Charleston Masters 9 Ball was established in June 2008 with four teams and a first session payout of $1300.  We have evolved into a twenty team 9 ball league with an eighteen man singles division.  Hurricane Eight Ball (Double Down) has as many as fourteen teams with an eighteen man singles division. Between all four divisions we will pay over forty thousand dollars back to the players in the next year.
     The buttons on the sides will carry you to the different pages of our web site.  Inside you will find schedules, standings, upcoming events and team photos.  You  will also find a "What's Up Page" that helps keep everyone abreast of changes and current events in the respective divisions.  There is also a "Best of the Best" page that recognizes the three players in each of our skill levels who have distinguished themselves with superior play as well as a professional approach to the game of pocket billiards.
     Everything that we do is for and about the player and the game.  We are determined that both will be treated with respect.  Our goals are to surround ourselves with players who are committed to playing the game in a professional manner, at as high a level as we possibly can.  We endeavor to keep the teams balanced and the playing field as level as possible. We have found that there is  very little that the pool player responds to more than money and an even chance   at winning it. We are constantly striving to keep our league associated with a bar that has decent equipment and is large enough to support us.
      We have had eight years to refine and improve upon the original concept and we haven't wasted an opportunity.  We treat the diversities that we incur as an opportunity to improve and get stronger.  The results have been surprising to us.  There is contact information through out the site. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Enjoy!
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​Contact:  Wayne Byrum
Unfortunately, the fourth of July falls on a Monday and we will not play this week.